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Integrity Testing.


In association with Marsland Technical Services, we have developed an industry specific test method for ensuring  installed Gas Barrier Systems are completely sealed and able to fully prevent the passage of ground borne gases.

How is the test carried out?

A trace gas, mixed with air, is introduced under the  installed Gas Barrier. Using a  special, sensitive detector, the area of Gas Barrier Membrane is scanned to identify any unsealed or incomplete areas. Should there be any positive tests, the area is resealed, retested and when complete a Certificate of Installation awarded.

Can the test be undertaken on all installations?

Yes! Even on concrete covered installations (although this is very expensive and time consuming!). However, we don't  recommend that testing is undertaken during or post  installation of Laser Screed or "flood" concrete floor  installations. Testing can also be undertaken on sub floor venting systems, however, this should be planned in advance as some prior additions to the installation may be necessary before the vent system is covered.

Is the test safe?

Completely! The trace gas used is classified as Compressed Air. It is composed of  natural atmospheric gases which aren't  Carcinogenic, Ozone Depleting or "heavier than air" (some other test gases are!). The active tracer gas is at a concentration of less than 6%  and can be detected at concentrations as low as 2 parts per million.

Who carries out the test?

Usually a fully trained member of the Substructure Protection team. However, if a fully independent test is required, this can be completed by a Marsland     Technical  Services technician. If SpS conduct the test, the cost is usually incorporated within the Installation Budget. If Marsland Technical Services complete the test, this is usually done at an  extra charge.

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